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New Rules for Football

New Rules for Football

Traeshan Brown

September 24, 2020

With the first football game of the season coming up this Friday, the school district has created rules in an attempt to keep students, athletes, coaches and spectators safe.   Each player, as well as cheerleaders and band members, are given four tickets that they can use to invite family or friends. Once invited the attendee can purchase a ticket. While t...

Volleyball team wins three games this week

During varsity's first game against Middleton, the girls save the ball as it falls to the ground after a hit from the opponent team.

Carolina Tortorelli

September 13, 2020

After a long summer and over five weeks of conditioning and practice, the volleyball team has a strong start to the new season with three wins. Shortly after tryouts, the volleyball girls faced a busy week with multiple games, but were able to overcome the challenge. Because of the postponed start...

Coronavirus Concerns Cause Problems for the Football Team

The football team takes a team photo on Saturday Aug. 22. The following Thursday, a team member tested positive for the coronavirus, sending some of the team into quarantine.

Asher Montgomery

September 5, 2020

It’s hot and stuffy in the weight room as the football team gets started on their weight training after school. The boys are dressed in t-shirts and muscle tees and basketball shorts with masks secured over their mouths and noses, some dangling off of one ear as they reach for their water bottles....

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