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I struggle to connect with my family

The author’s grandfather holds the author as a

Annie Aguiar

April 2, 2017

For a long time, my grandmother absolutely terrified me. It’s not like she’s a particularly terrifying woman; she’s this little old lady living in a retirement home in Jersey City who will feed you until you burst and not let you leave her house without a gift of some sort, but dread piled in...

Sydney Cabana challenges three languages

Cabana celebrated her birthday in Taiwan with her family.

Mercy Tsay

April 1, 2017

Taking a second language is an expectation for some and a requirement for others in school, but what happens when you take it a step further? Junior Sydney Cabana is a trilingual Taiwanese-Cuban American who takes Spanish in school. Many students pick up second languages from their parents and Ca...

There’s no place like campus

Graphic by Michael Strobl

Varun Puri

November 10, 2016

Students going to an in-state university may be surprised to hear about the new housing requirements. Most Florida public universities, including the University of Florida, University of South Florida and Florida State University, require freshmen students to live on campus for their first year at scho...

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