HHS Today

Learning languages is important

Graphic by Bianca Cegatte

Tegan Smith

April 4, 2017

Language creates the biggest bond between people. It helps us express our feelings, thoughts and ideas in a way that is easily lost through nonverbal communication. Having the ability to speak a language provides us with the opportunity to form lasting relationships with people. Learning new languages...

Teachers take on karaoke

Photo courtesy Michele Whalen

Lauren Komar

April 4, 2017

Biology teacher Mishell Thomas-King takes the chairs off the tables and puts them on the floor, and stands at the front of the room. She gathers herself to present to the group. But the group she presents to is not her Biology 1 class. It’s the crowd of people that came to watch her at a local karaoke...

Students and teachers have rights

Graphic by Michael Strobl

Denzel Pierre

April 3, 2017

There is a reason why students arguing with their teachers in class can get sent to the office legally. “The only rights denied of any student are those rights that might be deemed inappropriate or illegal, as determined by either the school resource officer or the principal themselves,” said...

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