HHS Today

SGA works behind the scenes

A completed version of one of SGA’s projects of the year, the Take What You Need wall, hanging in the 500 Hall

Marin Fehl

April 7, 2017

Gary Brady isn’t Hillsborough High School’s only leader. The Student Government Association (SGA) is Hillsborough’s own student-run legislative branch. They are responsible for organizing events for the school and advocating for the student body. But is their voice really effective? “W...

Crew continues competition tradition

Junior Luis Cuevas prepares the crowd for the sacrifice while freshman Vivek Kondapavuluru beats on a water cooler.

Michael Strobl

April 6, 2017

The loud banging of water jug drums ring through the air. The Hillsborough River is flooded with a mixture of protein powder, fish and pudding. Prayers are being made to the river gods for good luck in the coming weeks. This can only mean one thing: a new season of crew has begun. Before compet...

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