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Transfer student reflects on his first month at Hillsborough

Antonio Brown, Staff writer

September 15, 2010

Coming to Hillsborough High School from a school that was only one building was weird at first; however, I became used to it quickly. My previous school had four hallways and two sets of stairs one up one down. My previous school did not have vending machines and had a block schedule so I would have...

Seniors shouldn’t have to buy new caps, gowns for graduation

Symone Griffin, Staff Writer

June 9, 2010

Why can’t we use our siblings’ caps and gowns? It’s the question that every senior or upcoming senior asks. I believe that the company Herff Jones just wants more money from parents and students. Look, we’re paying $90 all together. That includes cap, gown and diploma cover. But I think that...

Fine print shouldn’t keep us from walking

Lucas Dawson, Staff Writer

June 9, 2010

Seniors from our school will be saying goodbye to their high school years forever on June 10. One of the best and most lasting memories they will carry will be from their graduation day, when they walk across the stage and really leave it all behind. However, not all seniors will be there. Of course...

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