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Saving the planet is no small task

Saving the planet is no small task
February 6, 2020

We’re seeing the effects.  We smell the BS.  We’re hearing about fires in Australia.  We feel powerless.  And the truth is, we need a change in mindset. From everyone.  The...

EDITORIAL: We’re Stronger Together

EDITORIAL: We're Stronger Together
August 22, 2019

Chants of “send them back” have echoed through the country since President Trump’s latest feud with four Democratic members of Congress. Just another example of the division that has parted this...

To our leaders: take note

Drawing out the issues.
February 19, 2019

For our nation: Members of Congress need to listen to their constituents. They’re elected to govern by the people, so they should govern for them. But it goes beyond just listening, it requires...

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