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First Day is Pushed Back Two Weeks

A slide about the calendar adjustment from Superintendent Davis's slide show detailing push back plans.

Asher Montgomery

July 23, 2020

In the schoolboard meeting today, July 23, the official school start date was pushed back to Aug. 24, two weeks after the original start date.  In order to start later and still have the recommended amount of hours for each school level, several changes have been made to the school year calend...

New Principal hopes to build upon Hillsborough’s traditions

Using a slide show, Superintendent Addison Davis announced Kelly King (top left) as principal of Hillsborough High School.

Asher Montgomery

June 12, 2020

Kelly King, a long-time principal in the Hillsborough school district, was announced as the new principal of Hillsborough High School at the schoolboard meeting on June 9, by Superintendent Addison Davis. “I do believe she’ll transition to make this school an A school.” Davis said about King. ...

Hillsborough students take part in protests raging the country

2020 graduates Duncan Mcewen and Frederico Jenrette marched at the protest in downtown Tampa on Thursday.

Asher Montgomery

June 5, 2020

Gathered on the sidewalk this Thursday, right outside the Glazer Childrens Museum, a sea of masked faces and cardboard signs joined together to protest the systemic racism of the police system and police brutality against black Americans. The movement was most recently stirred up by the killing of Ge...

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