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Multimedia: HHS prepares for Valentine’s Day

Senior couple Joanna Hernandez and Zackery Johnson answer questions about each other in a Valentine's Day game.

Jaden Shemesh, Reema Patel, Alex Croft, and Asher Montgomery

February 7, 2020

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and students are already making plans to celebrate both on and off campus. The holiday, first commemorated in the year 496 to honor Saint Valentine, is now widely recognized as a day to celebrate love, whether it be with that special someone, with friends or even...

Michael Mikulec, The World Traveler

Michael Mikulec, The World Traveler

Meredith Yen

January 14, 2020

It’s the last class of the day before winter break. Everyone’s counting down the minutes until school ends. The bell finally rings, and students are running down the hallway. For European history teacher Michael Mikulec, his vacation has just begun.   Texas, Mai...

Students and experts are fighting aquatic habitat degradation in Tampa

Senior Alexandria Scott attends a climate protest in downtown Tampa, where she spoke about the need for government action to address climate change. Scott volunteers at the Florida Aquarium, working with marine scientists to find solutions to the dangers that face Florida's aquatic ecosystems.

Marin Fehl, John Doan, and Jaden Shemesh

November 22, 2019

The rain plastered the leaves to the cement walkway. Undeterred, a few children wearing panda hats from the visitor’s center made their way passed cheetahs, sea lions and zebras to the Reptile House. There, an opportunity to meet one of the reptiles with a keeper awaited them. They followed the...

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