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NBA 2K Scores with “2K21”

NBA 2K Scores with
September 28, 2020

As most gamers know, National Basketball Association (NBA) 2k21 was released on  Sep . 4  and fans were ready  to see what's new.  NBA 2K21 is a basketball similation video...

“Fall Guys” a new Battle Royale favorite

September 6, 2020

With the coronavirus forcing people to stay home and stay away from their friends, more people find themselves bored and wanting to do something together while staying socially...

“Destiny 2” loses its fun qualities

May 1, 2020

"Destiny 2" is the sequel to the well acclaimed "Destiny," and let’s just say, a sequel to something doesn’t always make it better. In "Destiny 2" you play as a guardian and your mission is to protect...

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