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Seniors Must Buy Their Cap and Gown ASAP

Seniors Must Buy Their Cap and Gown ASAP

Theontae Walton, Page Editor

May 4, 2018

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With graduation quickly approaching, senior council and its sponsor April Fiore, begin to crack down on the many seniors who still have not purchased their cap and gown. Seniors were first able to purchase their cap and gowns back in October when two representatives from Herff Jones visited for 3...

Class of 2017 says goodbye

Class of 2017 says goodbye

Madison Forbis, Moryah Wells, and Carolin Hearne

May 28, 2017

Filed under 2017 Graduation, 2017 Yearbook

Students adorned in the school’s colors parted like the Red Sea as organizers told them to line up for a photo. The phrase “back up” rang through the air countless times as teachers attempted to make the line less crowded. Excited murmurs filled the room at the Florida State Fairgrounds on...

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