Jacobi Speights: My Quarantine Experience


Who would’ve thought that on March 13, that would be our last day to set foot on our beloved campus? Certainly, it was not me. It was the last time I got to see some of my friends and my teachers during senior year.

The first sign that I should’ve noticed that would’ve prepared me for the quarantine was when he had to cancel our pep rally due to rising COVID-19 cases in the district. I was saddened that last pep rally that all of SGA poured so much into couldn’t be enjoyed by the rest of the student body and faculty.

After we were informed that we would be quarantined, I reflected and I thought that if we could’ve, at least, had our pep rally before spring break, then we could’ve ended off the school year on a high note.

Towards the end of spring break, the state was informed that “Gov. Ron DeSantis issues statewide safer-at-home order for Florida” and my senior year that I once knew quickly slipped through my fingers. To hear such shocking news during my last two months of high school was extremely disheartening.

If I were to describe the first few weeks of quarantine, all I could say is that I have never in my life seen so many toilet paper rolls and cleaning supplies go out of stock so quickly until this pandemic arrived. Since this quarantine began, I have seen so many empty aisles where the cleaning products are supposed to be and I hope that the people that cleared out all those aisles put what they bought to good use.

As a senior, working so hard for 12 years to finally experience all the things that a senior is meant to enjoy, just for it to be stripped from us altogether is almost surreal. So surreal that I would argue that its quite unfair.

We were promised that our senior year would be our greatest year of high school, with amazing experiences such as GradBash, Prom, Senior Sendoff. I even joined SGA for the purpose of being more involved in my school and it resulted in me finding even greater pleasure and excitement with the way my I experienced my senior year.

The change from working at school to working at home has been the biggest change for a lot of us and it has been a real task to try to adapt to it. Being at home all the time, unless you have a job, gives you longer periods to sleep which is a blessing for most, if not all, students and staff.

I have been able to do the work for most classes without having to stress about getting it in at the end of class or before the school day. Although it is great to have more time to sleep, the quote “With great power, comes great responsibility” has never applied more.

While stuck in the house with nothing but time on my side, I have taken the time to better myself at cooking and expanded the variety of the meals I cook. I would usually come across a video that was recommended to me on YouTube or Instagram and I would try to make it myself.

Lastly, being in the same house with my family everyday has worn my patience thin. I appreciate the quality time that I’ve been able to spend with my family, but all this time spent together can best be described as being a double-edged sword.

While being in quarantine has been quite the experience, I can say for a fact that I, as well as many others, are more than ready to get back to our lives outside of the house.