Yearbooks to go

Picture this: You’re a senior waiting in a line like you’re at a drive-thru that wraps around Hillsborough High School from Osborne to Central. That’s what it was like from 10 a.m. until past 1 p.m. on Wednesday, May 13 on the school’s bus ramp.

Despite the wait and the heat coming through the front of the car windshield, what awaited at the end was the pot of gold for the entire school. The 104th Hilsborean yearbook. Due to the unforeseen circumstances, the pandemic held everyone in their seats as they drove pass April Fiore passing senior T-shirts to adviser Joe Humphrey, who passed out yearbooks to more than 300 students one last time.

The cover reads “it be like that sometimes,” and the person driving off is satisfied with their latest Hilsborean yearbook. Sebastian Cuadrao (12) waited two hours that day to get his last yearbook from school, the final piece of his senior year that was taken away from him and his peers.

“I feel like the yearbook completes the high school experience, excluding the quarantine, it really finishes high school in a good way,” Cuadrao said. He spent the rest of his day reading through and finding himself in all the club pages, “I thought the yearbook was pretty creative, I liked the title and you can tell a lot of effort was put into it.”

It was a long day for some of those seniors — but it was worth it.