Signing Day behind the scenes


Tammy Nguyen

Senior Cantia Rahming prepares to take a free throw. He made the shot and the crowd began cheering for him.

Every high school athlete’s dream is to have the opportunity to sign to a university to continue his or her academic and athletic careers. During the harsh days of quarantine from COVID-19, I believed I wouldn’t have the chance to live out that dream. Thankfully, talking to my family as well as my coaches, we were able to come up with an alternative in which Signing Day would take place virtually in the safety of our own homes.

Relieved that I’d still have the opportunity to participate in this memorable event, I knew that I’d have to do my part to make sure it was a success. It took a couple of days, but I was able to get everything that was needed for the event.

With the help of my coach orchestrating the virtual broadcast, we were able to decide on a date for everything to happen. The emotions I felt were overwhelming as the realization of me choosing where I’ll be for the next four years was about to take place in my teammate’s backyard.

Sharing this moment with one of my closest friends was special, because we’ve worked night and day to become the best athletes we could possibly be in our sport. At the start of the virtual call, it was a little hectic. We were struggling to connect everyone into the broadcast, taking more time to prepare then what we had planned.

When we finally were able to get it up and running, we proceeded with the ceremony. What followed was the cheers from family and friends as we finally printed our names on the letter of intent. I felt like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders as I can finally say that I made it as a student-athlete.

To celebrate the festivities, we brought out beverages and food for our families to share. Personally, I used this opportunity to celebrate the occasion by jumping into the pool, while I was still full dressed.

The stress that COVID-19 has put on student athletes is a lot, as it put an end to many seasons. Thankfully, I was able to rekindle a flame that I presumably thought had no chance to come back. My Signing Day experience may have been different then how it is traditionally done, but I can surely say that it was a memorable moment in my life.

I’m truly blessed to have people in my life that care for me, because this all came to be because of them.

Cantia Rahming is headed to St. Leo University to play basketball.