Hailey McDonald: My Quarantine Experience


I went to school March 13 knowing the next week would be spring break. Little did I know it would be that last time I would see my friends and teachers until the next school year.

My mom gets a phone call from Principal Gary Brady explaining that all schools in Florida wound not resume school until another week after spring break and, at first, I was ecstatic. I mean, who wouldn’t want two weeks off from school? The whole two week break was great until my mom got another call: “School will not resume until April 15.” When I got the news I was shocked and said to myself, “Wow so are we going to be learning anything at all?”

All over social media, students were thinking the same thing although we all hated going to school (some more than others) we were all surprisingly concerned about how we were going to make up the learning material. My life continued to go on but my mom took the whole coronavirus pandemic more serious than I did. We weren’t really allowed to leave the house unless it was mandatory. My sister has a job, so at times it would only be me and my niece at home.

The last phone call my mom got literally made the rest of my sophomore year crumble: “Governor Ron DeSantis issued all schools in the state of Florida to be closed for the remainder of the school year.” My heart literally dropped not because I couldn’t go to school until my junior year but because I couldn’t see my friends for three months, on top of that my 16th birthday was coming up and all the preparations for that day would no longer have meaning.

I was frustrated, annoyed and I didn’t know how the rest of my year would play out. The whole eLearning part of this pandemic came soon after and regardless of what some of my other friends say it’s actually better than the physical schoolwork we get. It’s easier for me to know what to turn in, and teachers are more lenient when it comes to turning in work. My grades have never looked better.

Although my life as an online student is going great so far, life out in the real world isn’t all that and a bag of chips. Shopping has never been harder; Walmart only lets a set amount of people in the store at once same thing with Sam’s Club, so my mom and I are stuck waiting in a line that progressively gets longer as the time passes.

My mom thinks that she’s doing us a favor by forcing us to constantly wear face masks everywhere we go and making us drink this ginger and honey tea that she found on Facebook, but all that is doing more harm than good in my opinion. Every time I hear something new about the ongoing pandemic, I get just a little more scared because the way it’s looking this coronavirus could really take over our lives, and who wants to live in fear?

But really all that I’m complaining about could never amount to the stress in the lives of seniors. They missed out on GradBash, senior sendoff and most importantly, prom. I can’t begin to imagine what everyone was feeling when they got the call.

  The only thing weI really have left looking forward to is a headline that reads “Coronavirus vaccine is set to be distributed across the US.”