News from Hillsborough High School in Tampa, Fla.
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Zumba classes cancelled

Zumba classes cancelled

Vijata Patel

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In March, the cheerleading team set up an after-school Zumba program for faculty members.

The cheerleaders and faculty members watched a Zumba fitness video and mimicked the moves while Coach Stallworth gave them advice and helped them with any difficulties with the dances.

After a week, the program was put on hold for unknown reasons. It was restarted, but could not be maintained.

The Zumba class was permanently cancelled Monday, April 8th.

“Like Dr. Orr said, not enough attendance,” said Nelson Klahr, freshman biology teacher.

Junior Gianna Rhodes said the teachers’ “conflicting schedules” contributed to the programs discontinuation. Victoria Harris, student affairs receptionist, agreed that the “lack of participation” is why it was cancelled.

Sophomore Gina Pamplona said, “the program could have been advertised a lot more.”

Harris disagreed and said, “I think they did promote it well. We put it on internal and told the entire faculty about it.” Klahr said, “[They] need more time. It was short notice.”

Pamplona she enjoyed going “every now and then, but not all of the time.” She had a lot of fun when a couple of boys from JROTC came and danced with them. Klahr and Harris said they also enjoyed it.

Harris was extremely disappointed when they announced it was cancelled; she even bragged about how much fun it was to other faculty members.

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News from Hillsborough High School in Tampa, Fla.
Zumba classes cancelled